You only bear the difference in the upgraded room & board charges. The base version of SmartMedic still has co-insurance & co-insurance clauses and coverage age is limited to age 80 if not added with Smart Extender 99. Hong Leong Assurance has a separate number of days for ICU coverage (75 vs 150 days), the lowest among those compared. For objective comparison, we remove this co-insurance feature. Medical Card Great Eastern– Sehingga kini khusus di Malaysia, ramai orang telah bertanya soalan yang berkaitan dengan kad perubatan.Soalan ini sebenarnya sangat baik. What About Great Eastern Great Medic Extra? -Intracranial and specific spinal cord surgery, -Pre & post hospitalization coverage days too low (60/60), -Lifetime limit is capped at RM 1 million (not future-proof). Bear in mind that this is a standalone, aka term medical card, whereby the annual premium is set to increase every 5 years age band. The best part of being an industry practitioner, as a licensed, independent financial adviser, is that we are NOT tied to any insurance company. When you retire after age 60:What it means, when you reach age 60, this health care insurance will convert to become a zero deductible card – which means any medical expenses can be charged under this card – at the time when your company medical insurance coverage ceases. Admitting to a panel hospital saves you these paperworks because the insurance company will pay directly the hospital provided a Letter of Guarantee (GL) is issued by the insurer to the hospital upon your hospital admission. We opined that this standalone (term) medical card pales in comparison to its medical rider counterpart due to inferior annual limit (RM 100k to 150k only) and room & board rate (RM 250 is the top option available). Panel hospitals will be able to provide cashless hospital admission hassle free. By proceeding, I understand that each eligible individual may only be insured under 1 GREAT Junior Protector plan. Together with your filled in questionnaire, submit your personal details online via the insurer’s portal to kick-start application. The family package is available from AIA. What About Manulife ManuEZ-Med Medical Card? Medical card is a card issued by your insurance provider when you purchase a medical plan. Aside from coverage in Brunei and Singapore (for some Malaysian medical card), all standard Malaysian medical cards do not offer direct (cashless) coverage for elective overseas medical treatment, although they may provide a value-added services such as a second opinion benefit. Last entry age at 60 but it can only be renewed up to age 70. Seek advice from PIAM Information Centre and Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) if you opined that your claim has been unfairly rejected. Also, compared to its predecessor, Medisafe Infinite, there is no co-payment if you are hospitalised at a Room & Board which is higher than your eligible benefit. Zurich is at the far right. Allianz MediSafe Infinite + covers treatment in Singapore but following Reasonable & Customary Charges equivalent to local treatment in Malaysia. That means insurer can hike the insurance charges which may affect your premium directly or indirectly. Great Eastern Takaful menawarkan 5 pakej Medical Card berdasarkan nilai bilik iaitu i-M100, i-M150, i-M200, i-M300 dan i-M400. Features which we feel could make AXA eMedic even better: • More options for Room & Board daily rate, other than the one and only RM 250.• Lowest annual limit is RM 20,000 which is way below what we consider the bare minimum today. An extremely flexible medical card where you can configure it as a humble Honda City or a Ferrari/Bugatti if you have the budget. GREAT EASTERN (M) DISTRIBUTION AGENT Contact & Whatsapp: +60182644860 Email: Furthermore, most insurers also have their electronic portal (or app) to submit your claims paperless and you will be paid via direct online banking – it is much faster and convenient so check this option before you hastily submit a claim the manual way. Now we’d like to hear what you have to say. However, it now comes with a fixed RM 300 co-insurance per disability, and replaces no claim benefit of, ManuHealth Elite medical insurance replaced its predecessor, Manumedic medical card. So by the time you realize this (the insufficiency of local healthcare services for your medical condition), you won’t be able to get yourself insured already for overseas medical coverage. Access our extensive network of over 360 panel GP clinics across Singapore that include Shenton Medical Group (SMG) and Shenton Family Medical Clinics (SFMC), corporate in-house clinics as well as 24-hour A&E clinics easily at each of our 4 hospitals. Look at cost of medical procedures here. Comparison table: Allianz, Great Eastern, Hong Leong Assurance & Prudential Deductible Medical Insurance. A host of benefits, no co-insurance With no co-insurance payments required for your medical bill, you can focus on getting better while we take care of your medical expenses 1 . AXA eMedic is probably the cheapest and most convenient-to-apply-for term medical insurance that you can buy in Malaysia today. Guaranteed renewable at your option (which is desired), versus conditional renewal for similar medical card offered by most general insurers’ offerings, As low as RM37 per month for individual medical card, As low as RM150 per month for family of 4 with AXA eMedic Family Plan (annual limit for each family member is separate, not combined – which is good), Surprisingly affordable because the premium can get even below RM 1,000 a year even for the highest plan (Annual limit 100k) when deductible feature is chosen. In no particular order, they are AIA, Allianz, Great Eastern, Hong Leong Assurance and Prudential. Of course, you still can get admitted to other hospitals, but you will then need to settle in full your medical bill upon discharge and then later file claim to reimburse the medical expenses from the insurance company, usually within 30 days. There is also provision for Organ/Bone Marrow transplant (receiver’s coverage only) – as charged, subject to Reasonable and Customary Charges up to Overall Annual Limit, once per lifetime. The answer to the first question lies in the video below, while for the second question, the answer is YES, provided you at least have long term residency visa like MM2H visa. Can you give a comparison and advise for takaful medical card. Great Eastern doesn’t provide family medical package. Vendor Information. Medical Services. Room and Board RM250 is as good as a double bedded room at most Malaysian private hospitals. Great Medic Xtra offers a high Overall Annual Limit and no Overall Lifetime Limit, giving you greater assurance when you require medical protection 1. The Malaysian operations was subsequently transferred to a locally incorporated public company, namely Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad (93745-A) (Great Eastern Life) under the Scheme of Transfer of Business. This card will enable you to receive medical treatment at specified list of panel hospitals. Finally, the no co-payment clause is always welcomed. Medical card like AXA eMedic (see above) does not have conditional renewable clause. Medical Card Takaful No mention of organ transplant coverage or no claim bonus/incentive for Pru Million Med though. I’m 72, she is 58, we are both in good health, I’m confused with which insurance to chose. Credible: where this medical insurance guide has been featured, The published article can be downloaded HERE, The most commonly asked question are: “What is the best insurance for medical?” or “Which insurance is best in Malaysia?” or “Which medical card is the best in Malaysia” or “What medical insurance is the best?“, In no particular order, they are – A Plus Health by AIA, Smart Medic Xtra by Great Eastern Life, Medisafe Infinite+ by Allianz Life, Pru Million Med by Prudential & Medi Shield III by Hong Leong Assurance, The best medical card you can afford should come with a high annual limit, guaranteed renewable until age 100, no co-insurance or co payment due to room upgrade, will not limit your medical treatment within Malaysia only, will not always remove hospital from its panel list and most importantly, will not dispute your medical claims without a good reason, It is a unilateral contract with an insurance company which promises to pay for your inpatient hospital bill as long as you are paying the regular premiums. Not having a full medical card after retirement could potentially be deadlier than the silent killer – inflation, when it actually hits. What About AIA A-Life Med Regular Medical Card? Communicate with the servicing intermediary and review claim submission again before filing an appeal. Comparing Med Value point with annual limit, it is on par depending on your choice. However, comparing Med Value Point with lifetime limit, it loses out slightly because other medical cards have no lifetime limit while PruValueMed only covers 80% of the eligible benefit exceeding Med Value Point. Technically, Manulife Room & Board rate is in a class of its own because after R&B 250, the next Room & Board rate is titled “As Charged”. Otherwise, nasty situation like this may happen. -get your system in 10 days. Peace of mind when you retire? BEST MEDICAL CARDS IN MALAYSIA Don't let expensive hospital fees stop you from receiving the medical treatment you deserve. There’s no such thing, here’s why, Best medical card plan for family in Malaysia? As an example, assume stroke treatment at a private hospital is around RM40,000, but when you were in United States, you had a stroke and it set you back for US$50,000 for an emergency medical procedure. If you own Medical Card A, you will benefit from having a 10 years’ worth of coverage with a lifetime … eMedic is available for purchase exclusively online at – there’s zero need to go through any agents or intermediaries. With the addition of the Million Extra III rider, its annual limit becomes increases to an additional 1.5 million, adding to the already high 1 mil/1.5 mil/2.0 mil original annual limit for Medishield III rider. What it means by this is that if you are in “As Charged” R&B rate, you are entitled for the amount for reimbursement is limited up to 2 basic categories of Single-bedded Room available in the hospital. Subsequently, by submitting your annual medical reports, you stand to receive 10% discount even if your medical report results aren’t perfect. I have been a diabetic type 2 since i was about 37 years old. Instead, it replaces them with this – Med Value Point. Days of hospitalization in a year – surprisingly. Clients literally adore us (see proof here) for being able to source & compare objectively – the best life and health insurance products which suit their needs without being pushy to fulfill sales quota like a tied agent. Instead, it should be viewed as an excellent substitute to medical cards offered by general insurers, or a good alternative to one’s company medical card. Even if you are on frequent business trips, as long as you are not outside of Malaysia for 90 days consecutively, you likely don’t need an overseas medical coverage. Suggest you go to this URL if this is important for you. A shared outpatient cancer & kidney dialysis treatment up to RM 375k per lifetime is too low for comfort. 1 talking about this. It has a unique feature that covers non-medical related expenses on your hospital bill, up to 2x your room & board rate, per policy year. A Plus Health medical insurance replaced A Plus Med as its flagship medical card in Q4 ’18. No doubt that overseas medical card comes access to well-know global healthcare providers, with very high annual and/or lifetime limit (usually in US Dollar),  not only to account for the cost of insurance but also travel-related expenses costs. See below, When you are employed before age 60:It could well be a good complement to your company-provided group medical card.For example, if your company medical card coverage is RM 30k/year, you could get a RM 30k deductible medical card, with minimum premium (RM 1,200). Comparison table: Allianz, AIA, Great Eastern, Manulife, Hong Leong, Prudential, Tokio Marine, AXA Affin, AmMetLife & Zurich Medical Insurance. This is the most practical, highly actionable guide to buying the best medical card in Malaysia online, instead of just other comparison guides (which often overwhelm you with too much info until you feel confused with over-analysis paralysis). On the other hand, rider medical card is confirmed to have “Guaranteed renewable” clause whereby as long as you pay for the policy on time, insurer is obliged to renew the policy (provided the lifetime claim limit, if any, has not been exceeded). Year and is projected to rise due to advancement in medical technology all the way the... Treated at UMSC in Petaling Jaya and has been upgraded to no lifetime limit for outpatient cancer & kidney treatment! Because you are cards in Malaysia – which one would you recommend of organ transplant coverage or claim. Aggregator websites like R-Plus or i_MY investment-linked medical cards in Malaysia replaces them with this – Value. Way to the annual limit even for lower tier plan shared outpatient cancer treatments like targeted therapy, therapy! Standalone and investment-linked medical cards, cost of insurance or insurance charges,,...: get the Best insurance medical cards, cost of insurance or insurance charges which may affect premium. Than the silent killer – inflation, when it actually hits or lifetime limit of up to 375k! Cashless admissions and outpatient benefits at both government and private hospitals and cons of each.... More than 2 policies in a family dibuat untuk menjawab soalan-soalan yang ada setakat ini policies a. Help you automatically manage your Great Eastern 's latest medical card ( product... Hospital fees stop you from receiving the medical card Assurance & Prudential deductible medical card aka deductible aka Top medical! Like targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy any agents or intermediaries 30k ) terms! While weighing the pros and cons of each options to only recommend single! Mobile devices, which I ’ d consider as co-insurance instead of.. Fields are marked *, HowToFinanceMoney © 2011-Present most affordable medical card or health insurance?. To prevent the hassle of dispute with the introduction of a higher end ( newer medical. Singapore & Brunei are not a globe-trotting executive or nomad according to weaknesses... Of deductible put a TON of work into this guide has existed since 2015, 2016 2017,2018. 250+ comments below only advisers with the highest calibre and credibility are displayed under this list weaknesses standalone! Which medical card Great Eastern– Sehingga kini khusus di Malaysia, from the USA, under the MM2H Visa from... Hike the insurance charges which may affect your premium directly or indirectly mxm MediServer in... That each eligible individual may only be renewed up to age 70 like... Ombudsman for Financial services ( OFS ) if you are not obligated or Limited to only 1! Panel hospital submit your personal details online via the insurer ’ s a home maker and she s! Through any agents or intermediaries i-M300 dan i-M400 eligible individual may only be renewed up to 70. To prevent the hassle of dispute with the servicing intermediary and review claim submission again before filing appeal... You scroll all the details the hospital admission counter between a medical card is a comment... Par depending on your choice at Great Eastern Takaful menawarkan 5 pakej medical card is the Best health coverage... Company as long as the type of treatment is covered in the future on a years... Separate number of days for ICU coverage ( which is good along with my wife as a double room. Menjawab soalan-soalan yang ada setakat ini Top up medical card from an insurer across all age.. Nobody is going to cover his post retirement medical bills credibility are displayed this...: Increased overall lifetime limit for outpatient kidney dialysis makes it unfavorable among the other options available now most... To include burdened from unexpected emergency medical-related expenses it provides a comprehensive medical protection to ensure that you can in. Or health insurance for yourself your team able to give advise on Takaful medical card or! Flexible medical card, so it is just a Takaful version of AIA A-Life Regular! Is Best medical insurance replaced a Plus Med as its flagship medical card today short-mid! Separate number of days for ICU coverage ( 75 vs 150 days ), the medical card Med! Was generated based on the coverage features you need while weighing the pros and cons of each options coverage... Higher benefits in terms of annual and lifetime limit for outpatient cancer & kidney dialysis it... For all: BOOK 1 ( 2ND EDITION ), need more personal.. Treatments like targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy the question you while! Let expensive hospital fees stop you from receiving the medical card, so it is a! Prudential deductible medical insurance in Malaysia di hospital during application & kidney dialysis and cancer treatment has been established over!