Contacts for staff in Soft Matter Physics: Professor Carl Brown, Dr David Fairhurst, Dr Mike Newton, Dr Lucas Goehring, Dr Fouzia Ouali and Dr Kyle Baldwin. Underloading is also subject to approval by the host university. Graphene and hexagonal boron nitride are typical conductor and insulator, respectively, while their hybrids hexagonal boron carbonitride are promising as a semiconductor. **** Course can be taken in any study year and in any semester, except during PI. International Exchange in Industrial Engineering Department. LI, Junbo (Postdoc, NTU) WANG Lu (Project Officer, Zheda, Hangzhou) DENG, Tianrui (Exchange student, from Zheda, Hangzhou) ZHU, Jiangfeng (Exchange student, from Zheda, Hangzhou) Upcoming Group Members: PhD Students: Research Fellows: Exchange students/Visiting Researchers: Former … List of Course Restriction for Exchange/Non-Graduating students SN COURSES HIGHLY POPULAR WITH LIMITED VACANCIES COURSES NOT AVAILABLE TO EXCHANGE STUDENT PH3199 Physics Laboratory IIIA - By permission PH3399 Physics Laboratory IIIB - By permission PH3901 Thin Film Technology PH3999 Undergraduate Research Experience in Physics II They will send emails to your NTU email account to inform you about upcoming programs. Curriculum Structure; Curriculum Structure | Accelerated Bachelor Programme; Curriculum Structure | Exempted Polytechnic Students The main objective of the Programme is to enable undergraduate and graduate students from Indian universities and institutes of higher learning to pursue their research interest at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU). I was able to expand my knowledge on synthetic chemistry and also gain hands-on experience in various purification and analytical equipment — while also not forgetting to travel around and enjoy the beautiful places in France!”, Copyright • Placement students. In our rigorous PhD and Masters programmes, graduate students get to explore the frontiers of research in Physics and Applied Physics. Commonly-asked questions are answered at the Overseas Exchange FAQs. Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. For a holistic and quality global education experience, students are strongly encouraged to participate in the various global education programmes and study at NTU's partner institutions for student exchange. Last modified on Data Protection and Privacy Programme Information for AY2020. Reg. These programmes will enrich your learning experience, allowing you to better understand different cultures and lifestyles, and gain new friends. Visit the Gem Discoverer Page for information about shorter exchange programmes. The school will give plenty of opportunities. Outside SPMS, there are also competitions and other stuff that NTU will inform you. Q&A for active researchers, academics and students of physics. No course prerequisite waivers will be granted. 200604393R, © 2020 Nanyang Technological University In theoretical high energy physics, my interest is towards supersymmetric quantum field theories and theories related to quantum gravity and unification of forces. Department of Physics, NTU No.1 Sec.4 Roosevelt Road Taipei 10617,Taiwan | TEL:886-2-3366-5120~3 | FAX:886-2-2363-9984 Best viewed in 1024x768 pixel with IE 11.0 or above Update Date:25/03/2015 It is intended for students wishing to pursue deeper studies in Physics and Semiconductors. Overseas Final Year Projects are subject to the availability and agreement of a research supervisor at the host university (you will have to arrange this for yourself). In theoretical condensed matter physics, my interest is towards many-body theories like Non-equilibrium Green’s Function (NEGF) in applications like transport in materials. No course prerequisite waivers will be granted. Reg. 7 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas, 1155 Union Circle, Denton, Texas 76203, USA. I'm a Y1 and honestly speaking, I regret coming to ntu because of this and hopefully, a petition could be raised to improve NTU's system. PROGRAMME PLACEMENT / SELECTION 1) Who is responsible for our placement into the various NTU Programmes? K: Cyber Physical Systems: Arvind Easwaran Asst Professor Office: N4-02a-27a Phone: 6790 4596 Email: arvinde{at} These include exchange programmes during the Special Terms (summer vacation). Beijing Institute of Physics, CAS Exchange student Materials Sciences. Another approach introduce the definition of heat exchanger effectiveness (Є), … Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore. Even though iterative calculations for the LMTD method are not as cumbersome as they used to be without modern computational equipment, the NTU method still provides a useful formalism for thinking about heat exchangers. Overseas Exchange Ground Rules. It was a fantastic experience. Global Education and Mobility (GEM) Programmes. Credit Transfer Instructions for NTU Students (Applicable from AY2020 onward) Research Highlights Learn about our achievements and discoveries in quantum physics, condensed matter physics, photonics, and … You may do coursework and/or your Final Year Project during the exchange. Students in the Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry have the opportunity to attend exchange programmes with our partner universities in Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Students without 'A' Level Physics will read PH1012 Physics A (4 AUs) instead of PH1011 Physics (3 AUs). You may only read up to 4 Major Prescribed Electives (PEs) on exchange. In particular, we can give you advice regarding your eligibility, your study plan during the exchange, and financial assistance concerns. High-achieving students may opt to pursue a Second Major or Double Major programme, or pursue an accelerated course of study to graduate before 4 years.. 5-Jan-2021. If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the details on the date, papers you will be taking, recommended requirements on the devices and physical environment to sit for the entrance examination separately. No. It also encourages an understanding and dissemination of Japan’s economics, society, history, diverse culture, politics and diplomatic relations. Visit the GEM Explorer Page for information about full-semester exchange programmes, the available partner universities, and application procedures. 23-Aug-2019. Click here for slides from Jan 2018 briefing session. Disclaimer • 2004 - 2005. No. 6 Division of Physics and Applied Physics, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 637371, Singapore. Am I still eligible to apply for this? “I did my Final Year Project at the Institute Curie in Paris, France. You may only read up to 4 Major Prescribed Electives (PEs) on exchange. SEMICONDUCTOR PHYSICS & DEVICES is designed to stimulate students’ interest in science and engineering, and to help them broaden their educational experience. Click here for more information about Overseas FYPs. It is possible to come to NTNU as a placement student, if your home university has an agreement with NTNU. Nanyang-SNIC Distinguished Lectureship Series, MSc in Chemical Sciences & Instrumentation, Click here for more information about Overseas FYPs. Courses read during the exchange programme can count toward your degree (but see below for restrictions). Core modules may not be read on exchange, with the exception of CM3061 and CM3062 (Chemistry & Biological Chemistry Laboratory 3 and 4). NTU Entrance Examinations will be conducted online due to COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the previous Academic Year as reference to the courses to be offered in the same semester. ** Students will be allowed to read online GER-Core courses during PI. I got mostly B but got pulled down my physics and interdisciplinary engineering (both of which I got D) and math (I got C). • NTU students normally make a choice of modules with credits totalling 120 NTU (60 ECTS) credits per year, but … Last modified on Students are not allowed to go on exchange during their final semester. Disclaimer • 2. The India Connect@NTU Research Internship Programme is a university-wide short-term research programme that lasts for 2 to 6 months. The NTU method is more convenient (or at least used to be) than the LMTD method for cases in which outlet temperature(s) are not known.