What Are the Education Requirements to be a School Counselor? The next step in the process will be to identify your vocational goal and the vocational rehabilitation (VR) services needed to reach the goal. This growth is due to a need of rehab services for veterans, the elderly and the disabled. Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Procedure Manual WIOA Section 511- Limitations on the Use of Subminimum Wage Employment for Individuals with Disabilities In 2014, the federal government passed a new law for job seekers known as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). e. The RC should contact the RS to discuss any questions or requests regarding rehabilitation statuses, time frames or professional hours. Rehabilitation Counselor: Education and Career Facts. If the IW obtains a job with a salary lower than that of the date of injury job, he/she will receive compensation from DFEC to supplement the difference in salary. ), (5) Communicating with CEs regarding the status of vocational rehabilitation cases and serving as a resource for information on rehabilitation issues (providing suggestions and solutions for RTW barriers, etc. The DFEC Vocational Rehabilitation Program is comprised of a National Office Rehabilitation Consultant, Rehabilitation Specialists located in each of the 12 District Offices, DFEC certified contractual Rehabilitation Counselors working one-on-one with IWs in the field and the Claims Examiners. [CDATA[/* >