Your gear is going to feel the punishment and if it’s been misused, improperly cared for, or just not up to the task… you’re going to lose the fish, or your rod tip. They’re also worthy of the Field and Stream Best Musky Rod in 2016 award. With tournament-grade features and a 5-year warranty, take a closer look at the HD400 Power version of the Lexa line of reels. Do you prefer a shorter rod? St. Croix LM86HF Legend Tournament Graphite Musky Fishing Rod with Art and IPC Technology, 8-feet... St. Croix LM80MHF Legend Tournament Graphite Musky Fishing Rod with Art and IPC Technology, 8-feet, SHIMANO American Corporation SJCM80HA Sojourn Piece Muskie Casting Rod, 8'1", Okuma EVx-C-861XHT-FG EVx Musky Telescopic Rod with Xtra Heavy Action, 8'6", SHIMANO Tranx 500 HG Lowprofile Baitcasting Freshwater Reel. X-Ship and HEG technologies deliver smooth retrieves so there’s no jarring and bumping the line with trophies on the end of it. 1. There’s a few times a shorter rod will be the one to reach for. The equipment that we use is a lot like bass fishing – rods, reels, line, and lures are all designed for specific applications. are perfectly suited for you and deepwater muskies. Looking for the best musky rod and reel combos? A rod and reel for about $200 make it affordable for anyone. The Abu Garcia Veritas Toro is one that’s been dubbed the “musky killer” because Abu Garcia carved out a perfect spot for it, and we’ve found out it does deliver. Their Toro S line of reels are built with musky anglers in mind. Kigan Master 3D look good and simply work. Compared to other brands, especially brands that build rods specifically for muskies and pike, Okuma is relatively new to the industry. High quality Fuji® components are used on all fishing rods. The rod and reel choices you make are clearly subjective. Our muskie rods have been purpose built for muskies by leading rod makers like St. Croix, Shimano and Crowder, so you know you will be getting a rod that is up to the task of battling one of these brutes, which average 5 to 30 pounds and can run up to 60 pounds and more. Fuji reel seats give you a direct connection to the rod. Lightweight aluminum oxide guides resist rust. The lower cost tackle will have the power and other elements needed for musky. Corrosion resistance inside and out, with aluminum in the right places, the Magtrax brake system couples perfectly with the drag to keep your casts smooth, and let out line during a fish’s run without jerkiness or hesitation. Next, you’re going to need to figure out which action rod you want. It is well suited to casting large, heavy lures that musky prefer. – Graphite only. St.Croix Legend Tournament Musky Casting Rod, Shimano Sojourn 1-Piece Casting Muskie Rod. There’s two main types you’re going to encounter, graphite and fiberglass. A little bit of flexibility will help with your maneuverability when reeling in large fish, such as tiger musky. Then, you need to consider the gear ratio. The must-have rods and reels for musky targeting Whenever you ask any muskie angler what rod and reel combinations they must have to be a competent and all-around angler, the answers will invariably differ. Find great deals on eBay for musky fishing reels and musky baitcasting reel. Thankfully for you, we’ve looked at the Abu Garcia Veritas Toro rod and realized what went into the specifications that so many anglers disregard as a catfishing rod or a heavy action bass rod. GT Rod and Reel----Great Musky Shop For All Your Custom Baits. Get the reel that you want to use (at least a 4.7:1 ratio) and load it with the line of your choice. In general, a higher ratio (7.5:1) is going to drag in twice the amount of line per turn of the handle as a reel with a lower ratio of, say, 3.8:1. They are spinning reel, baitcasting reel and spin-casting reel. If you want a little more than what the St. Croix Legend line of rods can give you, the Tournament Legends are worth looking at. Moreover, traditional reels can not withstand the sheer force of a musky. Then you think about the lifetime warranty. If you want something to compare it to, think of the number in the inches of line that gets taken in each time you make a full rotation with the handle on the reel. A variable braking system keeps the bird’s nests at bay and helps deliver more consistent spool speeds, taking advantage of the reel’s design and giving you maximum casting distances as a result. The top musky rod & musky reel combo has two primary components – the rod and the reel. Available in both Split Grip and Full Cork Grip configurations. They’ll survive you, too. Throwing heavy lures on long rods wears you out! If it was a 1-piece or 2-piece it would be #1. They feature 4+1 stainless steel HPCR bearings for ultra-smooth casting and retrieval, along with a Power Stack carbon matrix drag system. Unbalanced reels will leave you hurting at the end of the day, but Shimano found the sweet spot at 11 ounces. Infinite anti-reverse, an aluminum spool, and lightweight aluminum body make it fun to hold in your palm. Hands down. Fiberglass rods do work if it’s all you can get your hands on, but graphite rods have proven to withstand the destructive power muskies and pikes deliver. Jeff Andersen from Leisure Outdoor Adventures shares some info on the importance of having the correct rod and reel combos when fishing muskies. It’s also built with a 120mm handle for increased line pickup and extra capacity for heavier test lines. The St. Croix Mojo Rod and Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reel are perfectly suited for you and deepwater muskies. Less fatigue, far better castability, superior lure manipulation, fewer lost fish, and a host of other benefits are the byproduct of the new musky rod and reel combo. The. The best musky rod and reel combo will reward you greatly. Likewise, if you’re throwing heavy lures all day, fishing in smaller areas, or deal with dinner-sized fish, casting on a 7ft rod all day will save your wrists, elbow, shoulder, and your neck at the end of the day. You can use fiberglass rods, if you want, but bigger fish like Muskellunge and Pike will break them sooner than later. You will have a hard time finding one near this price range with the quality that the Corvalus reels are known for. Daiwa LEXA HD400PWR Lexa Baitcast Reel, Paddle Handle ; Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reel The longer the rod and heavier the power, the more cushion you’re going to have during aggressive strikes and runs. Trolling - A trolling reel used with heavy trolling rod usually with either a downrigger or lead core lines for … There are times while musky fishing where finesse is rewarded, but there are also those times muskie fishing where brute force does the job. We’ve picked our winners, here. The VBS brake system in the Shimano Tranx 500PG gives you plenty of line control during your casts, helping eliminate bird’s nests, with a low-profile design that’s comfortable enough to palm during longer trips. Power models tend to pull in line slower, giving you extra control and torque, while the high gear models can bring a fish in, in a hurry. Baitcasting rods and reels are the number 1 choice among musky fishermen Choosing a high quality reel and a durable rod ​is of the upmost importance. Most musky lures are quite larger than bass or trout and any musky fishing setup nees to be up to the extra demands that will be placed on it. the Sojourn is a good choice. You want a reel that’s strong, but still lightweight enough to let you make repeated casts throughout the day without causing fatigue in your wrist and hands. You want to make sure your gear is still around 20 years from now. – If you fish with topwater and jerkbaits, a 4.6:1 reel is great. St. Croix LM86MHF Legend Tournament Graphite Musky Fishing Rod with Art and IPC Technology, 8-feet... SHIMANO Tranx 400A HG Lowprofile Baitcasting Freshwater Reel, Shimano Corvalus 400, Round Freshwater Fishing Reel. For casting heavy baits we recommend a longer version in a fast action with heavy power. While the reel helps in retrieving the fish, the rod is the one who takes the full pulling force of the fish. We almost didn’t include a #4 but Abu Garcia came in under the radar again. The Greatest Muskie Lures & Leaders Made In The World *****WE Now Ship To Northern Europe . The Corvalus is proof. Youll likely shoot lures further with this rod than with a similar style casting stick. OKUMA 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel – The Finest Coldwater Musky Reel! The Daiwa Lexa HD400 Lexa baitcast reel earned runner up for a few reasons. Okuma cornered a small piece of the market, but they did it right. Most anglers have to focus to tell the difference, but all anglers can feel the difference after a 12-hour day. The end result is a collection of outfits that enables today’s musky angler to perform at a much higher level. Abu Garcia are long-known for producing some of the highest-quality drag systems you can get in a reel. Want the best of the best? Lee mas [United State] CLIFF PRINCE. Check out the, Trying to save some money without skimping on quality? Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reel; 6. that enables today’s musky fishing angler to fish and perform at a much higher level. I dont ice fish so i try to stay away from anything fishing related during the winter (out of sight,out of mind) but the itch is growing... in the fall last year,i started to fish for musky using undersized gear i use for pike so its time to get the proper setup. Here’s where we love Abu for what they do. That doesn’t mean they haven’t figured out what works, though, because their EVx-C line of rods are proof they listen to what we need. NEW TI and Vexan PRO rods! For gliders, crankbaits, jerkbaits, AND topwaters, up the speed with a 5.1:1. They advertise a maximum 25 pound drag force rating, but users have reported it going far behind and still holding up. Even the best baitcaster combo under 100 won't cut the mustard as the reel will not be of high enough quality to handle a large muskie. These additional guides provides smoother casts especially with larger musky lures, and less wear and tear on the line, guides and your musky rod. This teeth will make light work of either braid or mono. Here is the best part. It features an aluminum frame and side plate to reduce internal heat, so your drag doesn’t burn up on long runs, snapping the line as it goes. The other for musky. 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstore. The Lexa HD400 Power line has a slower retrieve, of 25-33 inches per turn which, when coupled with the wider handle, gives you plenty of power when you need it, finesse control when inches matter, and enough speed to take advantage of the fish after they run. It has a lot of the properties you need in a rod, good flex, plenty of linear strength, and enough backbone to cushion the aggressive strikes and runs that musky and pike are known for. You can get away with a medium action rod (typically used for bass and catfishing), but we highly recommend at least a medium-heavy. These new reel seats give you unparalleled cranking advantage and control over your rod while fighting a pike, musky, snook all … Want the best of the best? Designed and hand-built in Park Falls, United States of America. Don’t be confused that similar weight of fish and line will be ideal to reel in the musky. Just about every combination of rod and reel we’ve featured here can be balanced with each other, giving you plenty of options and arrangements to build the perfect setup for the type of fishing you enjoy most often. Shimano is legendary when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! If our recommendations can survive the most punishment an editor can put one through…. With the best musky rod, you can land the fish with ease. Cast each of your bucktails with the rod/reel combination to be sure that the lure casts well and that you are able to accurately place the lure where you want it to be…Remember that you want to fight the Musky not the rod. Keep in mind, heavy power, fast action, 7’0” to 8’6” length, and balance the rod and reel to your budget, first and foremost, and then to your hand. When you extend the handle, and dial in the MagTrax magnetic brake, it’s a winning recipe. That means avoiding the junk and imitations at all costs. There aren’t many specialized rods built solely (or primarily) for muskie fishing out right now. Take one look into the jaws of a musky and you'll see row after row of sharp teeth. For instance, on a 3.8:1 ratio reel, you’ll pull in 3.8 inches of line for every one rotation of the handle. To be safe, heavy and extra-heavy rods will give you enough backbone to pull even the biggest deadweights from the depths. Baitcasting are preferred, because of their design and higher drag limits, but spinning and open-faced reels work just as good and are often priced far cheaper than their similar-quality baitcasting counterparts. Tricked out with premium-grade cork handles, advanced Kigan Master Hand 3D guides and hook-keeper and a Fuji DPS reel seat, each and every Premier Musky spinning rod is designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, USAbacked by St. Croix Superstar Service. They feature the same high-quality graphite, Fuji Torzite guides, and guide frames made from titanium to reduce the heat and friction on your line during hard runs. Fuji K-Series tangle-free guides with titanium Alconite rings and matte frames. Best Musky Rod and Reel Combos of 2020; Best Musky Rods In 2020. The reel comes with two hand options so both righties and lefties can enjoy the features. This is arguably the best musky reel in 2020, and for good reason. That doesn’t mean you still can’t get everything you need without turning your wallet upside down and letting your favorite company take off with all of it. So what is the best Musky Rod And Reel combo In 2019? Your email address will not be published. Hook keeper built into reel seat for added convenience. OKUMA 350 is a great choice for musky anglers who want to have a decent quality reel in the budget. It’s time to mix and match for the perfect rod and reel combo for musky and pike. Coming in at #1 on our list of the best musky reel for the money is the Shimano Tranx. Baitcasting reels have excellent drag systems, which aid in fighting a … St Croix Mojo Musky Rods – Best Musky Rod For Bucktails, 3. St. Croix Premier Musky Rod – Best Musky Rod For Bulldawg And Pounders, 4. If you want portable and sturdy at the same time, the extra heavy power and stainless steel sea guide frames give you consistently and reliability, without busting your wallet. Check out the St. Croix Tournament Series Musky Rod matched with the Shimano Tranx 500PG Reel. Scott Lewandowski and Elk River Rods donated this awesome Musky rod XM90XH, revolution reel seat, full cork grip rod in the twilight theme valued at $400! They don’t let go! Their sheer muscular power demands a sturdy rod which does not bend or break. Musky Rod and Reel Setup The best baitcaster combos need to be perfectly balanced to get the best performance out of both rod, reel and line. Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel; 4. We get asked this a lot. The best musky fishing tackle is a heavy baitcasting rod and reel. That’s why we recommend graphite construction. Get the best deals for musky rod and reel combo at Trying to save some money without skimping on quality? They’ve put work into this reel, you can tell. Types of reels for muskie fishing: There are basically three types of reels used by the anglers. The one-piece die-cast construction is all-aluminum, making it an amazing heatsink for the carbon drag. It is ideal to have 80 pounds line weight or … Daiwa LEXA-HD400PWR-P Lexa Type HD Baitcasting Reel, 5.1: Gear Ratio, 27.10" Retrieve Rate, 25 Ln... Shimano Corvalus 300, Round Freshwater Fishing Reel. The 24-ton carbon rod blanks are ultra-responsive and durable, with a reinforced rod tip that helps when you’re lifting and netting fish, and when those bigger fish take off for the depths. A big musky taking out 50 yards of line can put your rod guides through their paces, but titanium fixes it completely. Now it’s your turn. SKIXX MUSKIE Shimano’s patented, high-strength, Spiral X, foundational structure enhances torsion and compression rigidity of the new SKIXX premium muskie rods without adding extra weight, which facilitates instant power transmission for precise casting of heavy lures and ultimate control over big fish.

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