In order to sync and unsync your iCloud library, you need an active Apple Music subscription. The followings are the overview of a few solutions to fix the Apple Music won't load library bug: Restart your iPhone or Android smart phone, Sign out of iTunes and App Store then sign back in, De-authorize computer and re-authorize it again. Step 3: Lastly, you will find the option "Authorize this Computer", click on it and the connection will be reauthorized. Turn Off Game Center. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Deauthorize and re-authorize your computer. Support iOS 14. iCloud Music Library is only available if you have an Apple Music subscription, and turning it off will remove any downloaded Apple Music songs from your current item (e.g., your iPhone). If there are any updates available, it will be visible and you will be able to install it. You can use this way to test your network: open another app on your phone such as Facebook to see if it can load the content successfully. By turning off it on your iPhone, it will help you to get rid of its features that let you get back your favorite Music app interface. (Learn how to restart iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6, 5 or earlier.) So, if you are having connectivity issues, then you should transition immediately and use a professional 3rd party program to sync iPhone. Step 4: If they are turned on, then they are synced. Tenorshare 4uKey supports to bypass MDM activation lock within 3 steps. Method 1: Turn off iTunes Match on iPhone. Tenorshare New release: iAnyGo - Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad with one click. This is a very troubling issue and users are unable to use the full potential of iOS 13 and the new iPhone 11. NOTE: you can only see and turn off the iCloud Music Library option if you have already joined Apple Music or iTunes Match. Why can't you sync iPhone 11 with iTunes? Back when iTunes was Apple's means of syncing devices, you could also set your devices to sync via Wi-Fi. Select the checkbox next to each item that you want to sync. Signing Out vs Turning Off Step3: Now you will see an iPhone icon in the left corner of the interface. iTunes will be automatically syncing your music library. Step 3: Wait a few seconds and turn on the device using the same procedure. If your iCloud Music Library not showing up on your devices, firstly go to Settings > Music > Join Apple Music, then try to turn off your iCloud Music Library and then again turn it on. Now, if iTunes is having trouble to sync, then it is probably because it is already synced with iCloud. (Related Reading: most reported Apple Music problems & solutions), Situation A - "It seems that Apple Music is stuck on loading library. If not, continue reading this post because we will show you how to perform each of the solution step by step in the next parts. Or the USB cable got damaged while it was in use. Step 4: After signing in, navigate to the "Account" tab and click on "Authorizations". You will now be able to use the full set of CopyTrans Manager features with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. When you're all done, see if your iPhone or iPad stays on. On the Game Center screen, turn the ‘Game Center’ switch off. Using an alternative music app such as Spotify seems like a great idea too. If iPhone 11 doesn't sync with iTunes, then you can try a different method and try to make the connection. Fortunately, there is no need for panic as fixes are available for this iOS issue and they are detailed in the article below. Solution 3: Turn Sync Library off and on. If you see a popup, read the description and choose ‘Keep Music’ or ‘Delete & Replace.’ In case you have previously synced songs from another computer, choose Keep Music. The copied information isn’t kept in sync with iCloud. ", Situation B - "My Apple Music library is suddenly stuck at loading. Updated on 2020-10-24 / Update for  iPhone 11. Step 1: So, run iTunes app and navigate to the "Account" section. The steps are pretty simple: Step 1: Just run iTunes and click on "Account". Sometimes when you turn off an iCloud feature on a device, you can choose to keep a copy of the feature’s information on that device. Step 2: Then, tap on your "Apple ID" and select "iCloud" from the list. And select Sync Library. Step 3: After the preview, choose the files and click "Restore". Step 3: There will be options like Photos, Videos, Calendars, and contacts. If Sync Library is being updated or is turned off, you'll see a message at the top of the Library tab in the Apple Music app. Hopefully the issue will be disappeared like it doesn't exist at all. 106. iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus: Simultaneously press and hold down the volume down button and power button.Let go of both buttons when the Apple logo appears on the … If you are streaming Apple Music online via Wi-Fi or cellular network, make sure the network connection is stable and fast. Apple Music Hack: How to Get Lifetime FREE APPLE MUSIC. You can try resetting your device to factory settings. Wait a few seconds and then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and sign back in and now try to turn on iCloud Music Library. Step 2: Then, click on "Check for Updates". You may see the email address for your account, if it is not visible then, proceed to the next step. Apple Footer. Click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of the window. Release both buttons once the Apple logo appears on the display. Related Read: How to Deauthorize iTunes on Computer. On the other hand, if you have an earlier version of iTunes installed (iTunes 11 and older), you have to use these steps for iTunes to turn off auto sync. The device will be turned off. After all the methods you tried above, your iPhone may need to be refreshed. 0. Turn on Sync Library. On older iPhones, go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out > Delete from My iPhone, choose which data you want to keep, then tap Turn Off. The iOS 13 update along with the new iPhone 12/11/11 Pro( Max) has come with several new features for the users. If you have a large music library, it might take longer time, faster speed and larger storage space to upload or sync your music library across your devices. Step 3: Once you are inside that section, look for "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". iPhone 6s, SE, and older models: Press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears. Copyright © 2021 Tenorshare Co.,Ltd. Step 2: After you launch iTunes, if this is a first connection, a hint pops up on iTunes to prompt you allow iTunes read data on iPhone. To do so, from the iPhone screen, navigate to and place the switch to the Off position, next reconnect the iPhone … Then, visit OneDrive and turn Camera Upload off, and then back on. Tenorshare 4MeKey: Remove iCloud activation lock without password/Apple ID. Step 1: So, uninstall the app and then go to "iTunes Download Page" and download the installer for iTunes app. Open your iPhone's Settings. All rights reserved. Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the "Settings". Turn on the toggle for Sync Library. iTunes won't let you sync music if iTunes Match is turned on. iTunes is one of the most outdated apps. So, if you are having connectivity issues, then you should transition immediately and use a professional 3rd party program to sync iPhone. When Apple Music is stuck at syncing your library, try fix it by turning "Sync Library" (Go to Settings > Music > turn on Sync Library). Turn on Sync Library. When I go to 'For You/Browse/Radio/Search' tabs, it keeps showing the "Loading Library" spinning wheel. You can try to install the iTunes app again, after uninstalling the app first. Your internet connection is unstable or unusable. * To turn syncing on for a content type, select the checkbox next to Sync. It is not doubt that Apple Music is one of the best music streaming services around the world, but it doesn't mean that it has no drawbacks. Here, in this post, we have mentioned a simple guide on how to turn off Apple Music on iPhone and so, let’s give a look. iTunes app is everything for the iOS users and if you can't connect to it, then you are in deep trouble. If you don't subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match , you won’t see an option to turn on Sync Library. Slide the slider button to turn off direction, and then wait around 30 seconds for your device to turn off. You can also use this method to fix issues like Apple Music Library Missing or Apple Music Item Not Availabe. Setting the Phone to the Airplane Mode. Basically, we are talking about the wireless syncing method. You need to check if any of those options are turned on. 5. It is essential for iOS users but Apple failed to maintain such a great and intricate program. My iCloud Music Library button keeps turning itself off. [Full Guide]Why I Unable to Activate iPhone 12/11? It is better, fast and hassle-free. Step 3: After selecting the files, click on the "Backup" option below and the files will be backed up. Turn iCloud Music Library on and off in iTunes: If you absolutely want to force iCloud Music Library … Turn Bluetooth Off And Back On Again If the above two solutions fail to work, then trying to turn off and back on the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone or iPad.. Option 1: Swipe up from the bottom bezel of your iPhone or iPad to launch Control Center > Turn off Bluetooth and back on again. The steps are pretty simple, have a look: Step 1: In order to update the said drive, visit "Device Manager" on your Windows PC. Related Read: How to Update iTunes on PC/Mac. Every time i leave the Music section in the Settings app, the iCloud Music Library button keeps sliding off, it's just won't stay on and I have no idea what to do. Click on the "Summary" tab on the left side of the panel. The older iPads with a Home button can also be restarted using the same procedure. If you see an ineligible icon next to a song, delete the song, then add it back to your library. Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone, and launch iTunes on your Mac. Step 1: If you are using an older iPhone, then press and hold the Side button until the Power Slider appears on the screen. This is the most effective way to sync iPhone files. If you have enough storage space on your iPhone, I highly recommend that you download and store the Apple Music songs on your iPhone, then you can play them whenever you want without bugs or errors. Step 2: As your email ID not visible, you are not logged in. Apple Music is an awesome music streaming service that provides more than 60 million songs for the audience. Here’s how you can do it: Sometimes a simple restart is capable of fixing a magnitude of issues on devices. Apple Music is a service that requires Apple ID verification. Even if the USB cable is brand new, the possibility is there that you got a faulty cable from the company. Whether it's really shutting down on its own, or it's rapidly depleting the battery due to rogue processes or Wi-Fi or cellular radio activity, a hard reset can help. Navigate to the iPhone Settings. If not, then try turn on and off the airplane mode (Settings > Airplane Mode) to refresh the network connection on your device. Repeat these steps until it works. Step 2: After that, choose the file types to create the backup. Top iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max) Issues and How to Solve. If your iPhone or iPad keeps shutting down, won't charge, or keeps crashing, it might be time for a hard reset. So, regardless of the reason you should try connecting the iPhone 11 again using another USB cable. How can I fix it? If not, there's one more thing to try. Here are the most effective solutions to fix iPhone 11 won't sync with iTunes. So, now you have to log in. How to restore your iPhone or iPad using macOS Catalina. Here're are the 9 possible solutions that we suggestion. If so, hallelujah! Related Read: Although, users are dealing with some glitches one of the most significant ones is not being able to connect with iTunes. 4. 4. Step 2: Then, choose a backup and proceed. Wondering if there is a solution to fix it? As you are having connectivity issues with your iPhone on your Windows PC, you need to restart both of the devices. Now you should know that you are not the only one who have this Apple Music trouble. This is a simpler method compared to the newer ones. in accordance with our, Join the discussion and share your voice here, iCloud and Photos Transferring to iPhone 11 Issues, My iPhone 11 Pro(Max) Stuck on Apple Logo, iPhone 11 Pro(Max) Stuck on Restore Screen, Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to iPhone 11, Transfer Data from iPhone XS to iPhone 11/11 Pro, Transfer Data to New iPhone 11 Taking Long Time, Transfer Playlist from Old iPhone to iPhone 11, Hard Reset iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro(Max), Put iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max) into Recovery Mode, iPhone 11 Proximity Sensor not Working Properly, iPhone 11 Won’t Ring for WhatsApp Calls/Video Calls, iPhone Keyboard Numbers and Letters Not Working, Solution 1: Sync iPhone 11 without iTunes with iCareFone, Solution 2: Be Sure You Have Signed in iTunes, Solution 4: Use Wireless Syncing Approach, Solution 5: Check if Your iPhone 11 is Synced with iCloud, Solution 6: Update iTunes to Latest Version, Solution 8: Restart Your iPhone 11 and Computer, Solution 9: Reauthorize Your Computer on iTunes, Solution 10: Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, How to Force Restart or Hard Reset an iPhone, How to Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to iPhone 12/11. Turn back on your iPhone by pressing and holding the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Sometimes you might have trouble accessing your music library in iTunes from a Windows or Mac computer. When there is an error in connecting your Apple ID with the Apple Music server, you are not able to access your Apple Music services. 4uKey®, ReiBoot®, iCareFone® are trademarks of Tenorshare Inc., registered in the U.S. iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, iTunes® and Mac® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Step 2: Now, drag the Slider to the end to turn off the device. 0. Tenorshare's software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. iPhone 11 versus previous-generation iPhone models. But you'd better backup your iPhone data first before you start the resetting process in case of data loss. Change to Another USB Cable. Step 3: After launching iTunes. To Restart iPhone X or 11: Press and hold the volume button and side button for 2 seconds > swipe the "Slide to power off" to turn off the device > press and hold the side button to turn your iPhone back on. If you've tired the above solutions, and still your iPhone keeps shutting off, your device might be experiencing a more severe problem. You may be asked for your password, provide it and you will have no issue to sync again. Then, how to fix the issue exactly? Updating iTunes to its latest version is very simple and it may fix the connectivity issue effectively. Step 2. Step 1: First, make sure that both your iPhone 11 and your Windows PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To Restart iPhone X or 11: Press and hold the volume button and side button for 2 seconds > swipe the "Slide to power off" to turn off the device > press and hold the side button to turn your iPhone back on. Stop Auto Syncing in iTunes 11 and Earlier. Copyright © 2007-2021 Tenorshare Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Let's first take a look at the possible factors that might causes the Apple Music not loading issues. Solution 3. Step 2: Once it appears on the screen, drag it to the end of the screen. Still unable to resolve this annoying problem? To do that, you must first turn off the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. You've come to the right place! 2 Scroll down and tap Music. Simply reauthorize your connection with iTunes. Not enough memory on your device. If iPhone 11 won't sync with iTunes, there is a slim possibility that it is happening due to a faulty USB cable. But we will still recommend using Tenorshare iCareFone and it will be best if you use its services for performing all the iTunes related task. by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-10-24 / Update for  iPhone 11. Check out this post - Apple Music vs Spotify comparison). If syncing doesn't start automatically, click the Sync button. It happens due to a certain degree of negligence from the company's part. Step 3: Type your dedicated Apple ID username and also the password. Because if you are not, then the attempt to sync is futile! I open the Music app after I restore my iPhone X and it always shows "Loading Library", "Loading Playlists" in the music section. Here's its operation procedure. When Apple Music is stuck at syncing your library, try fix it by turning "Sync Library" (Go to Settings > Music > turn on Sync Library). If the issue was caused due to this conflict, your photos and videos should start backing up right away. Try turning iCloud Music Library Off and then back ON. Click the General tab. Way 4: Turn Off Airplane Mode and Turn On again There is another way you can reestablish the connection if iPhone 11 cannot sync with iTunes. Here's how to do it: Step 1: Launch iTunes and navigate to "Help". The program you will be using is called Tenorshare iCareFone and it is very easy to operate. Keep the Music app or iTunes for Windows open so your library can finish uploading. Here are the steps for syncing your music from iTunes library to iPhone 11 by using iTunes 12, as well as the previous iTunes version. To Restart Android: Press the power button on your Android phone for at least 2 seconds> tap "Restart" option on the screen to reboot the device. The users are getting iPhone 11 can't sync with iTunes error. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies It is essential for iOS users but Apple failed to maintain such a great and intricate program. Step 2: Then, navigate to "Authorization Options" on iTunes. Yes, same here. Scroll down to Game Center preference, and tap it. So, first of all, make sure that you don't have iTunes Match enabled in Settings > Music. Nonetheless, if iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max doesn't sync with iTunes you need to fix the issue immediately. Turn off Sync Library (steps below) and turn it back on after restarting your iPhone and Mac. You've just renewed your Apple Music membership. Why Apple Music Is Stuck at Loading or Syncing Library? (Want to know more differences between them? Top 10 Ways to Fix iPhone 12/11 Can’t Sync with iTunes. * You can only sync your device with one iTunes library at a time. Thankfully, iOS 11 gives you an out. So, the simplest solution would be to update the dais driver. If iPhone 11 won't sync with iTunes, there is a slim possibility that it … (Learn how to restart iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6, 5 or earlier.). And at the same time, tap “Trust” on iPhone. Can you help me? This can flush out old data from the RAM of your device and also load the new data from the update. Connect your iPhone and your Mac using … Can... Iphone Using iphone; My sync library button keeps turning itself off by it self. Here is how you can solve this issue: On your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out > Sign in with the Apple ID and password. (It causes the issue that most of the albums won't load artwork). Step 2: Now, run the installer and complete the installation. Toggle the “iCloud Music Library” switch to the OFF position. Step 1. To turn off Game Center in iOS 11, open the Settings app. After that, tap on "iTunes Wi-Fi Sync" and lastly, tap on "Sync Now". If iPhone 11 cannot sync with iTunes error 54, it can be due to your outdated Apple Mobile Device USB driver. Before you try this method, make sure that your device is connecting to internet. Then try to sync the music in the normal way again. Usually when you have been using the Music app for a while, you will start facing all sorts of annoying issue, such as "Apple Music not loading library" or "Apple Music is stuck at syncing library". Turn Off iCloud Music Library on iPhone If iTunes says “iCloud Music Library is On”, just go to Settings on your iPhone > Settings > Music > turn off the “iCloud Music Library” off. We recommend you try to de-authorize your iTunes account on the computer first and then authorize it again. Again repeat this step a few times. Now there are two modes syncing music to iPhone 12/11/11 … Go to Settings > your name > Sign Out, then enter your Apple ID and tap Turn Off to turn off Find My iPhone. I've tried various different combinations, but it's still not working. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap on them to stop the sync. So, if that is the issue, then you need to make sure that you have stopped with sync with iTunes and only after that the iPhone will be able to sync with iTunes. Then, choose which data you want to keep a copy of, then tap Sign Out twice. Thankfully, we have provided all the tips and tricks required to make the connection once again. iTunes is one of the most outdated apps. Also, you should make sure that Sync Library is turned on: On Mac: Open Music app > Music > Preferences > General > select Sync Library and turn it on > click OK. On PC with iTunes for Windows: Open iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General > turn on Sync Library > click OK. Try out and see if they are useful! If you don't subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you won’t see an option to turn on Sync Library. You probably feel clueless when this issue suddenly appears, and then become frustrated when you've done everything you can think of yet the issue remains. Finally, click on "Authorized this Computer". Another solution that you may want to try is sign out and in iTunes & App Store. Step 4: Now, make a right-click on the said option and a drop-menu will appear. If you still see an ineligible icon next to a song , then that song can’t be uploaded. Tip 1: Turn On/Off iCloud Music Library. Step 3: Now, just wait a few seconds and turn on the device using any of the devices depending on the model of iPhone you are using. A bug after installing the latest version of iOS. Let's go by them, one after one. This site uses cookies. Buy the iPhone 11 - coming soon...This is a video on how to force turn off and restart your iPhone 11. How to Force Restart or Hard Reset an iPhone When you next launch a game, you won’t be prompted to sign into Game Center. Step 2: After that, navigate to the section called "Universal Serial Bus Controllers". On your Windows PC, click on the "Start" button and then click on the "Power" button on the left side. My sync library keeps turning itself off [Total: 0 Average: 0 /5] ... June 11, 2019 . Launch iCareFone and click on "Backup & Restore" tab. I tried leaving my phone on for hours but still nothing changes.". Step 4: Now, on your iPhone, go to "Settings" and tap on "General". Go to Settings > Music. Tap “Music”. Part 2. iCloud music library can be enabled or disabled at any time via an iPhone 's … July 17, 2020. Perhaps your iTunes is out of date. Step 1: Again do the same and click on "Backup & Restore" tab. iPhone Won't Restart - Here's the Fix. Launch iTunes 12 and connect your iPhone 11 to computer with a USB cable. It's common to run into all kinds of troubles when listening to music online, such as music not loading, music not playing smoothly, etc. Question: Q: sync library keeps turning off More Less. If you are having the said issue, then you need to make sure that you are actually logged in to iTunes. Click on "Update Driver" on that menu and just follow the instructions afterwards. Copyright © TuneFab Software Inc. All rights reserved. Compared with Apple Music, Spotify supports more platforms and it also offers a free version which allows you to stream millions of songs for free. Step 2: Then, connect the devices via lightning cable and run iTunes. This can basically fix almost all issues on your iPhone. Then, click on "To view or restore previous backup files" and all the backup files on your computer will be visible. Home Iphone Using iphone My sync library button keeps turning itself off by it self. To do this, go to the Settings > Music and then tap on iCloud Music Library switch to turn it off. When all solutions fail, the only thing that you can do is leave it alone and wait until the next day. You have a large music library, and it always takes forever to load the music library every time you open Music app. Step 1: Download and install the program and connect the iOS device. Solution 1: Sync iPhone 12/11/11 Pro( Max) without iTunes with iCareFone. Contact Apple. Open the Settings app, scroll down, and tap on Music. This solution is provided by a user who had experienced the similar issue previously. Buy the iPhone 11 - coming soon...This is a video on how to force turn off and restart your iPhone 11. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > [your Apple ID] > and tap Sign Out. 9 Solutions to Fix Apple Music Library Won't Load, most reported Apple Music problems & solutions, Most Reported Apple Music Problems & How to Fix Them, How to Sync Apple Music Playlist to iPod Classic, Flash Tip: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3, How to Sync and Play Apple Music on iPod shuffle, M4P to MP3 - Convert Protected M4P to MP3 (Without iTunes), How to Successfully Convert Protected AAC to MP3, The Easy Way to Play M4P on Android that Succeeded.

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