these rods have smooth Medium Fast actions and possess power that would be The 6 foot 6 inch 2 - 3 weight, 4 piece Application: this rod is designed for small stream fishing, it is made for fishing wet flies and dry flies, and does have the ability to also cast medium weighted streamers. 2wt Fly Rod Kit: Pac Bay Tradition II Rod Kit. This is a rod where the CCS metrics are misleading. V-Light Fly Rod 4Sec Medium-Fast IM10 Fly Fishing Rod & Rod Tube 10 reviews / Write a review. Jul 14, 2014 #1 I am thinking about doing more fly fishing (have not been since I got my kayak almost 3 years ago). As a result, you get a higher performance and durability from it. Number (ERN). Why Our Glass Rods? Regular price $ 279 NEW REDESIGN! I have always enjoyed fishing smaller waters and thus I am thinking about getting either a 2wt or 3wt. Why Our Glass Rods? © Copyright 2005 - 2010. Get Bent’s 10’, 2wt, 4-piece Nymph Fly rod Blank is one of our most popular blanks. One moment you could be shooting long, accurate AA  65  For The Fly Fish Ohio Rating System, Take me to the Introduction page